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What makes Polimar a unique business partner is that not only do we provide the most comprehensive list of services, but we always have an office directly next to your vessel!

After many years of improving and competing with our rivals, Polimar is now the biggest and most respected shipping agency in the Tuzla region of Turkey. Since one of our offices is directly based in Tuzla, our clients have direct access to our shipping agents who will ensure that all procedures required from the shipyard are to be accomplished immediately.

Our agents will always be at your reach and command and will personally ensure that the shipyard provides all services the vessel requires (dry docking, steel blasting, underwater inspections etc.), throughout the vessels repair and maintenance period.

This local presence also helps Polimar respond to spare parts requests very quickly, making it the fastest agency in Tuzla in terms of spare parts delivery. With respect to our strong service network we can provide our clients with the best possible options for any goods and services required during the vessels docking period.
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