Polimar Shipping


Polimar Shipping keeps ethical and moral business principle understanding at the top of service quality. The code of excellence that Polimar Shipping does not compromise on is ensured by the following items.

- Awareness and compliance with legislation
- Formal and ethical business practice.
- Full-scope archive application for all records.
- High level of safety.
- High level of security.
- Stable management.
- Comprehensive solutions.
- Result-oriented.

Polimar Shipping has a meticulous approach to apply the Code of Excellence in the Quality Manual in its daily works. It also follows the application of the Code of Excellence by the company employees through annual evaluations. Third-party companies and organizations that are used by and/or provide services to Polimar Shipping are also obliged to comply with Polimar Shipping's Code of Excellence in order to be considered as selected service providers.

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