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Polimar Shipping has adopted its own developed "Law of Excellence" as its corporate mission by considering its long-standing sector experience and the principles underlying the company.

Polimar has aimed to apply ethical business principles within the framework of "Law of Excellence" by maximizing its service quality and increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Polimar Shipping has undertaken;
- Excellence in the employees,
-Excellence in the activities with third parties,
-Awareness and compliance with the legislation,
-Formal and ethical business practice,
-High quality service approach,
-High level of safety and security,
-Stable management,
-Comprehensive and result-oriented solutions,
-Continuity and sustainability

In order to meet customer requirements and applicable primary and secondary legislation conditions, to structure the quality management system with a proactive approach, to increase performance of the system with necessary technology and resources and to maintain continuous improvement with its employees.

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