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When it comes to transit operations, Polimar takes every possible measure to guarantee the smoothest possible passage through the Turkish Straits. Polimar Shipping staff will be continually providing information to the vessels in real time in order to guarantee that the safest and most convenient routes are taken. Customer care and satisfaction is ensured by Polimar Shipping staff, who work together with the vessels during all aspects of the transit; ranging from gathering the required documents to informing the crew about the necessary custom regulations and procedures.


When it comes to port operations, Polimar has outstanding affiliations with a number of ports located in Turkey, Bulgaria, and Greece, Russia and the United Arab Emirates. By virtue of these strong business relations, which were built on mutual trust and respect, Polimar Shipping is able to provide such a substantial amount of assorted services for vessels, rigs and more.

We are continually providing new services for our clients depending on their respective requirements. Due to our never ending goal to perfect our craft, Polimar Shipping has become the benchmark of superior customer satisfaction.



What makes Polimar Shipping a unique business partner is the fact that not only do we provide the most comprehensive list of services, but also we always have an office located right next to your vessel.

After many years of improvement and competing with our rivals, Polimar Shipping has become the biggest and most respected shipping agency in the Tuzla (Istanbul) and Yalova Region in Turkey. Since one of our offices is located in the heart of the shipyard region Tuzla and Yalova, our clients can directly access to Polimar Shipping representatives, who will ensure that all procedures required from the shipyard are to be accomplished immediately.

Our representatives will always be at your reach and command and will personally ensure that the relevant shipyard provides all services required by the vessel (such as dry docking, steel blasting, underwater inspections etc.), throughout the vessel’s repair and maintenance period.

This local presence also helps Polimar Shipping respond to spare part requests promptly, making it the fastest agency in Tuzla in terms of spare parts delivery. ith respect to our strong service network, we can provide our clients with the best possible options for any goods and services required during the vessel’s docking period.

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